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Collect, Collate, Compose



Get web pages, documents, images, documents, audio & videos from anywhere with just a single click. 


Store all the references in one place. Add annotations to the collected references, or add your own thoughts to the collection.


Draft your content masterpiece. Refer to any of the references or your notes even when you are writing. Get into a distraction-free mode for finishing touches.


Chrome Extension

Download our chrome extension and save the references with a single click. Never lose web pages, videos, audio, or images anymore.

Opera Extension

Now enjoy high-performance browsing while still accessing the Scriblr extension.

Brave Extension

Now get the best of all. Secure, ad-free experience, as well the Scriblr extension.

Our Story

As is with many products, Scriblr was developed to answer our own needs. The context switching was a huge problem for our content development efforts, So we started putting together one piece after another to keep all the references together while we write. Once we experienced the increase in ease and productivity in our writing efforts, we asked a few other professional writers to see if they think Scriblr would be useful for them.

Their response is the reason we launched Scriblr as a product.


What Content Writers Say

"Increased Efficiency"

Scriblr, even in this early stage, enabled me to ensure that I have all the reference when I need them, without searching everywhere. It definitely saved me time and helped deliver my projects easily.

Ishan Solanki

"It makes research effective"

It had happened countless times earlier that I lost pages I bookmarked and documents I downloaded. With Scriblr, I will be now able to work across devices without missing a single one of my references.

Tom Garcia

"Serves multiple purposes"

Bookmarking, notetaking, and composing, I could combine all three into a single tool. I no longer need to look at multiple places to find what I need while I am writing. And I am told that this is only a beta release.

Eva Smith


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