The Most Amazing Technique To Beat The Writer's Block Immediately

Updated: Jul 1

The most significant discussions about writing are related to writer’s block. Even without writer’s block, many, including the novice writers, struggle with getting started. We will discuss one or two ways to beat the frozen feeling you get when you want to start the writing.

Writer’s Block, How To Respond?

What’s the antidote of poison? Well, that’s a rhetorical question. But the same holds true for a writer’s block. The best way to beat it is to write. What you write does not matter. It also doesn’t matter if you write the world’s worst piece. What matters is that you are writing. Through chaos comes clarity. If you write anything, even a small bit, you have beaten writer’s block. You have won over a formidable foe.

But What If I Can’t Think Of A Topic?

But how do I write if I do not understand what to write about, you might ask? Well, there are many techniques, but we will talk about writing prompts today. Writing prompts can be actual topics, which offer you the subject for writing. If you are studying for English language proficiency tests, like IELTS or PTE, you will be familiar with these writing prompts for writing essays. But the writing prompts can also be situations.

One writing prompt we came across was to write a letter to your son/daughter when they become teenagers. Such writing prompts are helpful when you want to express yourself creatively. Writing prompts can get you started faster with your writing. Want to try?

Let’s Put It To Practice

Here is a book prompt for today; Log in to your social media accounts (it can be any network, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) and find a post that catches your attention. Write a small blurb that sheds more light on the topic in the post, without using the information in the original post. Email what you write to us at Our experts will check your blurbs and will offer suggestions for improvement.




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